As you may or may not know, I was on the NC State Dance team all 4 years of college. Those were some of the best years of my life and much of it is because of the ladies pictured above. 

The dance team coach, Kristin Rosowski - who I love and have so much respect for, emailed me this morning to tell me she had posted a blurb about vestique on the team’s homepage and that she couldn’t be more proud of what Morgan and I had already accomplished. This got me a little teary and being the day dreamer that I am, I started thinking…

Growing up, I secretly always wished I had a sister. Not because my brother and I didn’t get along - Drew was and will always be the best big brother in the entire world, but because occasionally it would have been nice to have had someone around to do backhandsprings with in the basement, play dress up with, watch the babysitters club with, paint my nails with, you get my drift. I never dreamt that in a thousand years when I became a student at NCSU, I’d soon meet 16 girls that I would have such a strong connection with, girls I could so easily call my sisters.

I think they can all agree, hard work was an understatement when it came to being a dancer for the Pack. We practiced constantly and never had an off season. First football, then basketball, and then it was our turn to compete at Nationals. Most athletic teams have some sort of off season, we didn’t. We’ve laughed, cried, yelled and seen each other at our absolute worst. Through it all I know we’re better people because of the dance team, we’ve witnessed first hand that nothing is impossible or out of reach if you work hard.

I’m so glad we’ve made an effort to stay close after college. I just want to take this quick opportunity to say THANK YOU to all of my fellow packies out there for your constant love and support - then and still today. I couldn’t begin to count how many calls, texts, emails, facebook posts and messages I’ve received about vestique. Your words of encouragement and excitement mean the absolute world to me. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

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