Oh and I almost forgot. I have GOT to get this off my chest.

There are some messed up people in the world.

So today, while at a new park in Wake Forest, NC (a pretty small town on the outskirts of Raleigh), we set up shop to do our changing and touch up our makeup in the public bathroom right beside where we’d be shooting.  We had several outfits to change into and needed a place to leave the clothes during the shoot so we surveyed the park, saw there were just a few unsuspecting families out there, and didn’t give it another thought. We left our stuff right inside the bathroom and went about our shoot, running back into the bathroom to change periodically throughout the afternoon.  

Well, as we’re getting our stuff together to leave, a lady approaches us in the bathroom and asks what we were doing.  Caroline politely proceeds to tell her that we were doing a photo shoot and were using the bathroom as our home base.  The lady tells us that she’d taken a pair of Uggs from the bathroom because she wasn’t sure what was going on and thought that someone had dropped all of the stuff off there instead of Goodwill.  I’m sorry, but that my friends, is a load of CRAP.  We had our makeup and other personal items out in clear view in the bathroom and it wouldn’t have taken me (as a bystander) long to figure out what was going on had I been the one that walked into the bathroom.  Not to mention, we never ventured further than a hundred or so yards away from the bathroom the whole time—and we were in and out of there several times. Does anyone else think it’s a little odd that the ONLY thing this woman took out of the entire bathroom of stuff was a pair of Uggs??? There were several other awesome pairs of shoes in the same size right beside the Uggs.

She ended up awkwardly bringing the boots back to us—thank goodness.  And when she did, she made this weird comment about “never seeing anything like this,” which was clearly her last-ditch effort to justify stealing Caroline’s shoes. The whole situation left me dumbfounded and wondering why people are SO FLIPPING STRANGE?! 

Ok, end of rant. Don’t forget to use your black friday weekend coupon code! 

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