Things I’m looking forward to right now…

1. 5 o’clock (when am I not??)
2. Thursday-I took a personal day and eventhough my itinerary includes: going to the doctor, taking the dog to the vet and cleaning my house, I’m still uber excited. We’ve been working really hard lately and it’ll be nice to have a couple of hours to myself.
3. Getting in all the new stuff we ordered for vestique. I know I say this every time we place an order but I don’t care…the stuff is AWESOME y’all! We placed a really hefty order last night and although our bank statement might not love it, we do!
4. Getting our winter coats in. If you don’t have a winter coat (or even if you do) you need to get one from  We’ve got several styles coming in within the next couple of weeks that are TO.DIE.FOR. And they are under $100! Word to the wise, don’t get one until you’ve seen ours!
5. The Good Wife. I NEVER watch TV, but I loooove that show. It comes on tonight at 10, so you should try to catch it if you have never seen it.
6. Friday-I’m planning to win the costume contest at work. There’s $$ involved and I would really like need to take home 1st place.
7. Our first trunk show…Nov. 8th! More details to come about that one.

What are you looking forward to right this very minute?

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