it’s friday

I just want to stand on my desk and scream happy day. It’s Friday and it couldn’t come fast enough.  Ever since I posted the Marsha Brady dress on I’ve had that song “Sunshine day” in my head. You know the one…”I think I’ll go outside for a while now, the summer sun’s calling my name. I hear ya now.” Well, in case you’ve forgotten about that Brady Bunch classic, I’ve included this for your viewing pleasure. Watch out, if you’re anything like me you might spontaneously combust from happiness. I LOVE the Brady Bunch. I spent many an evening watching them on Nick at Nite.

Ah, the good ol’ days. When I actually had time to watch TV. And when TV wasn’t all complete nonsense and trash.

Anyway, if you haven’t already done so, you should totally check out my little homage to my favorite Brady, the Marsha Brady dress. It’s undeniably cute. I had been awaiting its arrival for several days now and as soon as the box came in yesterday, I tore it open, ripped it out in a size M and tried it on (I think I may have even hugged it first).  I was so completely enamored with its fit and bell sleeves and 70s print that I proudly marched around the house in it until I heard Nick’s car pulling into the drive—then I bolted up the stairs to take it off and hang it up and put on my normal clothes because he’s threatened my life if I buy another piece of inventory.  When Caroline came over last night, she did the same thing I did. She let out a squeal upon first laying eyes on it.  And we both squealed again when I revealed that I had found it a perfect match for our burgundy necklace. Ugh when will it ever get easier to be an addict (in this case, clothes addict) working with your very own poison every single day? 

You can (and should) get the whole impossibly perfect outfit for right at $100. Remember, free shipping on orders over $100, too.

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