can you keep a secret?

We launched our website tonight!

We haven’t told anyone yet because we wanted to make sure everything was working properly and all of our little duckies were in a row.

Within the first two hours we had a completely random visitor inform us of a typo on the homepage.  Whoopsies! And to think—I was a Journalism minor at NCSU and spent more hours than I care to count editing documents. But, as the proverbial optimist, guess what that means? It means that SOMEONE out there (other than us and our moms…hi mommy!) is actually looking at our website…cue choirs of angels singing the NCSU fight song—since we all know that’s what they sing up there in heaven!

But guess what else? We also actually sold our first item too! Like from the website. Real deal order. Again, cue angels. 

You can’t wipe the smile off my giddy little face right now.  I’m out of Simply Sleep and I don’t even care. I’m going to sit here and stare at all night. 

And SIKE don’t keep a secret…go tell everyone you know…unless, of course, you see a typo.  In which case, tell us first! 😉

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