bad news bears.

A memo.

To: Everyone who loved this top as much as we did.

From: vestique

Message: We just received some no good, very bad news. The designer of this amazing top just called and said that we will not be receiving the two more sets of this pyt (pretty young thing) that we’ve ordered. Nor will we be receiving the set that we ordered in a different color. They are completely sold out of this style.  I guess others out there in fashionland must have thought it as exquisite as we did. We are totallly bummed and would like to extend this public apology to anyone who contacted us about this top.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to restock this item.  

On the upside—because there is always an upside—there is one Medium left. If you want it, hop to it.

The show must go on and we will continue our search for more fabulous tunics like this one.

Oh and have a love, love, lovelyyy Wednesday.   

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