Most people who know me well, know that I am the epitome of a daddy’s girl (although my mom and I are bff now, too…for a while we were just too much a like to ever see eye to eye—thank goodness those days are a thing of the past). 

Anyway, my dad got into text messaging a few years back and he knows just what to say to make me smile really big (and laugh)! My friends usually love to hear his text messages too and always encourage me to share them aloud when I get them.  And they generally come right out of the blue, which is the very best part. So here goes. 

Yesterday’s text from my sweet daddy. Verbatim:
“Hope u r havn a great day honeybun! remember slow n steady wins the race!! Luv u way much!”

I’m assuming he’s referring to vestique when he says “slow n steady wins the race” because every time I talk to him, I go a mile a minute and the conversation usually ends a little something like this: “well Caroline and I just want vestique to be the best store ever and take over the universe, ok? love you, bye.”

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