It has been a long night of sorting through orders, editing the website and measuring garments (we just called it a night by the way—10:40 p.m., not too shabby).

But Houston, we have a problem! See, since we started vestique, Caroline and I have both developed insomnia. 

When I lie down in bed, my mind starts racing a million miles a minute and all I can think about is how much there is left for us to do with vestique and what we’ll work on tomorrow and what I’ll wear to the office tomorrow and what I’ll get so and so for their birthday and when the dog needs her heartworm medication and the last time I got a physical and the last time I cleaned the bathroom (eeek) and are there clothes still in the washer from Friday and did that vendor ever respond to my email and did I pay my car tax and will there ever really be world peace???? I know what you’re thinking…wow she’s a psycho! And I think so too! But when Caroline and I talked about our sleeplessness tonight, I realized SHE’S JUST AS LOONEY AS I AM! Her mind is racing at the exact same speed as mine is with just about the exact same random thoughts. 

It all boils down to the fact that we’re completely and utterly stressed and by the time we go to bed at night we’ve already worked from 8-5 and then again from 5:30-11 (or on a good night 10:40).

In the meantime, until we can NATURALLY rest our sleepy eyes, THANK GOODNESS FOR SIMPLY SLEEP! I just popped two of those little suckers—and sent Caroline home with two of her own. (Hopefully) I’ll be catching zzzz’s in no time.

But let’s be honest, who really needs to fall asleep to have dreams? We’re living ours and for right now, that’s good enough for me!

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