our weekend

Where do I begin? 

Caroline and I spent our weekend in Folly Beach with 17 of our closest friends celebrating our sweet little soon-to-be bride, Megan.  We arrived around 8 p.m. on Friday and the partying didn’t stop until our heads hit the pillow Sunday night. We spent our days soaking up the last of the summer sun on the beach and our nights running amuck in both Folly and downtown Charleston.

Although we left Monday with massive headaches and hangovers, we were all consumed with an overwhelming joy.  We’re so incredibly lucky that after many years of friendship and laughs (and sorrows, too) together, our group of friends has this inexplicable bond that makes me feel blessed and happy right down to my core. Now, we’re all spread out and busy and getting married and starting businesses and going back to school and graduating from graduate programs and getting promotions but…the truth of the matter is….IT DOESN’T MATTER. We can see each other every day or once a month and it’s like nothing in the world has changed. 

We’re so happy for Megan and Monte and can’t wait for their October 16th wedding. Talk about a match made in heaven!

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