To follow up on my last extremely random post, there are a couple of miscellaneous items I would like to point out:

-Caroline and I were truly blessed with the best families EVER.  As I told you earlier this week, Caroline’s mom drove up Monday and spent the night sifting through and measuring clothes.  Today, right in the middle of me being in one giant grumpy mood, I called my mom just to vent for a second and within a minute or two she brought a smile to my face again and assured me that all is right with the world.  We’re never to old to say WE HEART OUR MOMMIES.

-The Pack plays VT this weekend at home and we’re currently 4-0!! Since this is supposed to be our vestique fashion blog, I will note that EVERYONE looks good in red. I honestly can’t think of one human being that looks good in maroon and burnt orange (or baby blue for that matter). 

-This is our 58th blog post. That’s just bananas.

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