Last night two miraculous things happened:

1. My sweet, sweet husband surprised us with a brand new MacBook Pro.  He knew we were both stressing out about all the photo editing we’d be doing on our old, slow PCs…so he decided to make life a little easier on us. We were so surprised/elated that we didn’t know what to do with ourselves! I played on it until well past my bedtime last night and I’m obsessed with it. I can hardly wait to go home and play with it some more.  I think Nick might have created a monster (actually, two monsters)…we’re totally turning into computer geeks!

2. Bella learned to shake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s the smartest dog in the universeeeeee (tied with Caroline’s dog, Ellie)! WOHOO. I didn’t have a picture of the shake in action, but I can promise you…she did it!

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