Rain, rain go away
Little Morgan wants to play

It’s been a rainy few days in Raleighwood and across a good portion of the old North state.  

I’ve never hated rain. In fact, in my dreams I always live in London or Seattle (I don’t know why)…both places that endure lots of showers and grey days.

An aside—I spent one incredible summer of my life studying in Oxford, England and wouldn’t you know it was the driest (and warmest) summer they’d had in years.  I also spent some time in Seattle last year and it didn’t rain a drop.  It did, however, rain on my wedding day, which is supposed to be good luck or something—I certainly hope that’s the case.

For some reason this particular rainy day has got me in a funk…maybe it’s the lack of sleep, the stress or the pounding headache I’ve had since Monday but these grey skies have got to keep moving.  We’ve got too much on our horizon to lose momentum!

Sunshine is in the forecast for us tomorrow and I hope your Friday is just as beautiful!

P.S. Those of you who are wondering when we’ll ever get launched…we promise, it’s coming very very soon. We’re nearing the finish line. Thanks to all for your love and support!

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