We were at market for 9 hours.  We blinked and it was over.

We only purchased a select few items (let’s just say we have some SERIOUSLY AWESOME outerwear coming your way…Caroline and I want all of it) but we took vigorous notes and hit every vendor we could while we were there.

Tomorrow is D-day.  We have some serious decison making to do and it won’t be easy, but we have no doubt that everything we pick out on this first buying trip will  be absolutely perfect.

We’d like to take a moment to thank all of our friends and family (especially boyfriends, husbands and parents) for your overwhelming support and kindness during this extremely important time in our lives.  We’ve received countless phone calls, emails, texts, facebook messages, etc. and you have made our day over and over again.  We honestly, can’t thank you enough.  We appreciate and love each and every one of you and will forever be grateful for your thoughtfulness. 

P.S. We’d also like to give a BIG shoutout to our new bff’s Casey and Nicole.  We met them tonight at the post-market fashion show and instantly adored them. In fact, they are practically our neighbors! Nicole owns a brick and mortar boutique in Conway, South Carolina!  We liked them so much that we decided the four of us just HAD to do dinner so we left market and met them at a restaurant downtown.  We talked business for a while and then got down to the nitty gritty stuff! Nicole and Casey, if you’re reading this…you were the cherry on top of our fabuloussssss day! 😉

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