tis the season for…




One of the 52923498723498723497234 reasons we want to hurry and get vestique.com up is so that you can experience the same pure joy that we experienced when we found these little Godsends.


In honor of the start of college football season this week (our boys—THE NC State Wolfpack—kick-off Saturday at 6 p.m. at home), we decided to give you a wittle preview of the gameday frocks coming your way very soon.


Pair these bad boys with some cowboy boots and there’s no way you or your team can lose!


The picture of the purple and gold dress for all of you LSU or ECU football fans is from the designer’s website. The others were professionally done, as you can tell, by yours truly on my super high-quality cell phone…please hold your applause I know my photography skills are Pulitzer Prize worthy but I’m easily embarassed guys.  Thank you thank you thank you to our wonderful model, Mary; there is a small Gamecock dress with your name on it!


Leave us a message if you love ‘em as much as we do!

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