It’s crazy how being so invested in and passionate about something can create such a range of emotion. 

After our ridiculously busy night last night, we decided that one of our top priorities moving forward needed to be getting all of our licensing nailed down.  So first thing this morning I called to see what the deal was with one of the last licenses we needed to be completely official and open for business.  I have called this particular office several times and their staff pretty much knows my voice by now.  I was getting the typical run around and being directed from this department to that when I felt my eyes starting to well up with big frustration tears.  I fought them back as hard as I could, but after speaking to five different people and hanging up more confused than I was when I called to begin with, I lost the battle.  I decided there was only one way to solve this problem and I took an early lunch break and marched (literally, I was so frustrated/mad/confused that I think I really did march) downtown to take care of business. 

And after an hour—it’s taken care of! We’re fully-licensed, and realllllllly flippin’ excited, business owners!!

See what I mean? EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER. Earlier today I’m sneaking to the bathroom at work to call Caroline in tears thinking someone has it out for us and 3 hours later I’m walking down Fayetteville Street like I just won the lottery, screaming into my cell phone to her over the siren of a passing ambulance…”WE GOT ITTTTTTTTTT WOHOOO”—while she simultaneously has a dance party in her office parking lot.

Ah, the joys of our new business.  Only a few short weeks until we have lots and lots of cute clothes for all to see on We can’t wait for that day!

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