day 2

Welp, we’re well-rested and ready to head back to market and the day is already off to a good start.  Caroline decided she would go buy a bottled water this morning and ran down to the vending machine at the end of our hall in her towel with a dollar in hand. She came back a few seconds later complaining that she’d just lost her dollar because she put it in the machine and realized it was actually $1.50.  I told her to grab 50 cents from my wallet and see if by chance it would still give her the drink.  A minute later she busted through the door of our room holding 4 bottles of water and $1.50 in change.  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?! We must be putting off some good vibes because we just got 4 FREE bottles of water. WOHOO…it’s the little things! HERE WE GO DAY 2…we’re HYDRATED and READY for you!

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