…and that’s what it’s all about

For those of you that haven’t gotten what our blog’s all about yet, allow me to give it to you straight.

About 6 months ago—maybe even longer now—Caroline and I began tossing around the idea of opening an online boutique that appealed to girls around our age.  We both love fashion and shopping and staying on top of the latest trends; but we never thought it in a million years that it would actually happen.  We talked and talked about it and dreamed and dreamed about it…until one day, we decided we could and would make our dream a reality.  We came up with the name vestique, started writing a detailed business plan, doing some serious research and reading about how to start a small business.  We contacted professors at NC State in the College of Textiles and eventually got hooked up with a wonderful professor, who was willing to share her wealth of knowledge on the subject of fashion merchandising with us novices.  We came up with a design for our website and have been working on it (with the help of Nick’s web development company, Iconic Solutions) every night for the last few months.  We did all the things you must do to make a business legit from registering the name with the Secretary of State to obtaining a business license—and those just scratch the surface.  You’ve been along for the ride as we ordered business cards and set up a bank account.  We ordered a mannequin and some other items we’ll need when our merchandise comes in. 

An aside: Our mannequin came in last night and she is absolutely perfect.  We did cartwheels in the kitchen when we got her all assembled and put her in one of my favorite dresses. 

A week or two ago, when we finally got all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed, we registered for our first buying trip. It seems surreal that we leave TOMORROW for it. OH MY GEEZ…WE.LEAVE.TOMORROW.

As first time buyers, we have NO CLUE what to expect at market.  We’re nervous and excited and anxious.  But above all, we’re confident.  We may not have the biggest budget or the most experience—but we’ve got HUGE dreams for this business of ours and we’ll do whatever it takes to make them come true! 

We’re there until Sunday so if you think about it, say a little prayer for us.  We don’t know what’s in store but we’re stoked!

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