As you read in Caroline’s Friday post…I was in Orlando for one of my best friend’s bachelorette party this past weekend and she was in DC at a wedding. 

She promised stories and I’ll keep her word. 

My weekend was amazing (minus 20 hours in the car to get there and back—although that part was entertaining too).  Thursday, my car arrived before our beautiful bride-to-be, Lauren, and we hid out and surprised her when the taxi dropped her and the other girls off from the airport.  We played lots of games and drank several cocktails, went swimming in our awesome backyard pool and laughed A LOT.  We also surprised the bride with matching bachelorette tshirts.  Friday we woke up to a sunny Florida sky, so we decided to spend the afternoon catching rays by the pool.  Little did Lauren know, but Amanda and I had planned for a belly dancing instructor to “drop by” for private lessons for the group.  PRICELESS.  After we learned to belly dance, we cooked tacos and made margaritas for all the pretty senoritas and got ready for a night out on the town.  We went to Universal CityWalk and hopped around to several of the bars there.  At our first stop, a dueling piano bar, we got Lauren up on stage with the performers and she did her own variation of “I’m a little tea pot.” Let’s just say the crowd went WILD!  We ended the night at a club called “The Groove” and danced the night away with one of the dance choreographers from Disney.  He taught us some pretty cool moves and invited us to work for him because we were so good….SYKE! But we did have a blast with him and he was the best dancer I’ve ever seen in person.

Saturday we woke up slowly and decided to spend the day doing my favorite thing…SHOPPING! Orlando has some great outlets so we road tripped it to them and walked around all day. We got home and started getting ready for our last night.  We had a surprise shower for Lauren and she got all kinds of goodies (I’m sure her soon-to-be husband, Chad, will LOVE them too, if ya know what I mean).  After the shower we had orchestrated one last surprise for Lauren and the girls…a LIMO—courtesy of Lauren’s awesomeee mom, Pat.  We had been telling the girls all day that we’d called the same cabbie as Friday night and that he would pick us up at 8 but when we walked outside a stretch hummer was in the driveway!  We rode like rockstars all over Orlando, stopping for dinner at a cool little joint called Cafe Tutus and ending downtown at a club called Bliss.  Our sneaky little bride talked us up into the VIP section above the bar and we partied beside a group of people that had two private body guards. Someone said they were Orlando Magic players but let’s be honest…the only Magic player I could identify would be JJ Redick and it certainly wasn’t him or I would have knocked the bodygaurds to the ground and gotten his autograph for the Dukies in my family.  We finally made it home around 3 a.m. and slept for a few hours before waking up and heading back to good ol’ North Carolina. 🙁 

All around fantastic weekend with a wonderful group of girls!  Enjoy the pictures (and all the cute dresses on Saturday night—Lauren’s white one was BCBG and just adorable)!

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