A re-cap:

Last night, we stayed with our friend Mary.  We got in really late but couldn’t sleep due to excitement and anxiety.  We arrived to her house to find the sheets turned back, a bottle of Tylenol PM and two big glasses of water by our bedside.  She had also bought us each a “market survival kit.” 

We crawled in bed and chatted into the morning about what today would be like…but really had no idea.  We woke up with butterflies in our stomachs like it was the first day of school all over again. We walked downstairs to find the sweetest note from Mary, a pot of coffee, cereal and fresh fruit (WAY BETTER THAN A HOTEL).  She had even packed lunches for us!! We sat across from each other at her dining room table, eating our cereal like 6 year olds about to board the school bus, in awe of the kindness bestowed upon us by our gracious hostess. She had signed her note “love, vestique’s #1 fan.” And for some reason, seeing that on paper brought an overwhelming feeling of joy to both of us. 

We got ready and agonized over what we would wear around some of the trendiest buyers in the country. 

We walked the crowded streets toward the building we would soon spend the rest of our weekend in.  We pretended to be old pros and breezed through registration, silently squeeling to ourselves when we received our “vestique.com BUYER” badge. 

When we finally made it to the floor with the designers exhibits we had come to see, it all felt surreal. We spent the next 7 hours sifting through the racks searching for buried treasures to excavate and bring to vestique.com.  The hours flew by like seconds and before we knew it, it was closing time. 

Here’s a picture of just a FEW of the items you’ll be seeing on vestique.com very soon. 

We’re exhausted and our feet are aching but our hearts are oh SO happy! 

Today was amazing.

Time to crunch some numbers and count some sheep!

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