thank goooooodnie it’s friday! we couldn’t be happier about 2 days of freedom and a little r&r! here are some things (other than friday) that we’re thankful for right this very minute.

Caroline: I am thankful for my amazing parents who are so supportive and never hesitate to believe in me no matter what. I’m thankful for my brother, drew, who sadly is almost 300 miles away, because he can make me laugh hysterically no matter how horrible my day may seem…and my precious little pooch, Ellie May, who is the most playful, full-of-life dog there is. I am also thankful for my ridiculously close-knit group of girlfriends. Whether there are three of us or all 13 of us, it is always sure to be a good time. I am thankful for cute little dresses that can magically boost my confidence just by putting one on. I am thankful for the ocean, the snow, the fall leaves and even the rain in the spring because they are constant reminders that nothing lasts forever so you’ve got to enjoy it while it lasts…

Morgan: I am thankful for my little family. My husband and I just celebrated our 2 month wedding anniversary (we’re so old) yesterday, and our 4-legged daughter, Bella, didn’t pee pee or poopie in the house while we were at work so we took that as her anniversary present to us! I’m thankful for date nights that allow me to wear my preshie new nude sandals…I tried to find y’all a picture so you could see them in all their glory, but no can do! I’m thankful for happy hour and email chains that get me through the day on Fridays. I’m thankful for sunshine in the forecast this weekend because I intend to lie by a body of water and soak it up! I’m thankful for vestique’s first official piece of mail that I received yesterday (even if it wasssss from the IRS) and I am thankful for you—whoever you are—reading our little blog right now!

Have a magical weekend…enjoy every bit of it! Remember there’s always SOMETHING to be thankful for (even if it is just the fact that it’s Friday).

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