taking it to the bank

Last night I came home to find ANOTHER piece of official vestique mail in my mailbox (from the IRS—blah). I wish the IRS could see just how happy they’ve made me in the last week.  I’m going to go ahead and throw it out there that I may be the ONLY United States citizen that gets THAT excited to see an “IRS” envelope in their mailbox. I just absolutely loveeeee getting mail addressed to vestique…it makes all the forms we’ve filled out, the late nights we’ve spent working on the website and the resources we’ve put into this completely worthwhile.

In other <wildly exciting> news, Caroline and I opened a vestique business bank account today with RBC Centura!  Our business checks and debit cards should arrive VERY soon, thanks to our incredibly helpful banker, Ryan Clayton.  He didn’t even make fun of us to our face when we asked him to take that picture.  We also scored free lunch since RBC threw a party for us for opening an account with them was hosting a family fun day, open to the public, in their parking lot! How’s that for icing on the cake??

Now that you know how pumped we get over mail from the IRS, can you imagine the commotion that will take place when our checks and debit cards arrive?!?!  I forsee a spontaneous dance party in our future!


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